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EZ-Riser - Mobility Tool

EZ-Riser - Mobility Tool


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Description From the Official EZ-Riser Website: 

"The EZ-RISER Mobility Tool is a Canadian invention that will significantly improve the ease at which individuals can help themselves get up or down from a kneeling or sitting position. Not only is the EZ- RISER useful for outdoor activities, but it is also handy in the shop or home. Whether you are a gardener, hobbyist, pet owner or simply enjoy an active lifestyle, we think you will find the EZ-RISER a perfect enhancement to everyday life.

Features: approx. 15.5" tall

Arm Extension
The EZ-RISER enhances leverage like an extension to your arm. It helps the user get up and down.

Neutralizes Body Weight
The EZ-RISER enables you to substitute stronger muscles in the arms and shoulders for weaker muscles and joints in the lower body.

Tested to 600 lbs. Lightweight, at only one and a half pounds. Portable and durable with an anti-slip base. Will last a lifetime and, perhaps, one of the most valued gifts ever received."


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Customer Reviews

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Betsy Spano
I haven’t received them yet to give a review!

I haven’t received them yet to give a review!

Rex H
Mobility tool of the year!

I learned about the EZ Riser during Covid and picked one up from the inventor. I use it daily - along with a kneeling pad - to pet and feed the cat. It allows me to gently lower myself onto my knees and get back up without undue strain on my knees. They make the perfect gift for my siblings and elderly friends because at some point in our lives everyone can use a little help.