Collection: Bedroom Safety

  • All furniture should be sturdy and untippable. Secure shelving units, dressers, and other freestanding items to the wall.
  • Lock drawers, doors, and cabinets. Install safety latches on all storage items that your child should not have access to.
  • Cover radiators and electrical outlets. Make sure any heat sources have guards around them to keep your child from touching them and burning himself. Place covers over all electrical sockets.
  • Don't entice your child to danger. Never place attractive toys on high shelves, which could encourage him to climb, or leave drawers open, which could encourage him to step into them.
  • Check dresser knobs for safety. Dresser knobs should be too large to swallow and too small to provide a climbing foothold. They should also be attached securely and designed not to be easily pulled by a young child.
  • Pad sharp edges. Specially designed corner cushions guards help prevent injuries. Don't simply tape foam or other materials to the corners of sharp furniture since it can present a choking hazard.
  • Store toys conveniently. Keep toys either in an easily accessible place or out of sight. If you use a toy box, choose one without a lid.
  • Chose window treatments wisely. Avoid curtains that can be pulled down. Tie or remove dangling window-shade and window-blind cords. Install a window guard at the bottom of the window.