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MediCanada - Lumbamed® Sacro

MediCanada - Lumbamed® Sacro


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Brace for stabilisation and relief the pelvis and sacroiliac joint

The Lumbamed sacro is an orthosis for the stabilisation and stress relief of the pelvis and sacroiliac joints. It is used, among other things, during blocking or instability of the sacroiliac joints (SIJ) and SIJ syndrome. With its modular construction, it can be customised according to the onset of pain and degree of activity. The flexibly adjustable massage pads allow precision relief at points of pain. If the stabilisation and stress relief is sufficient with only the elastic comfort knit, this can be worn ideally, with the additional fastener, overnight. 

Product benefits

  • Pain relief via stabilisation and taking the load off the pelvis and sacroiliac joints

  • Precision relief at points of pain in the SIJ area via flexibly adjustable massage pads

How does it work?/Mode of action


Lumbamed sacro achieves compression and stabilisation of the pelvis and iliosacral joint via its compressive knitted fabric. The fastening straps enable the brace’s pressure to be adjusted to the individual’s requirements, relieve stress on affected structures and contribute to pain relief. The pads massage painful areas in the sacroiliac joint region and support the pressure distribution brought about by the fastening straps. The brace’s effects are most noticeable during movement of the body.


Donning/fitting instructions

Please note that initial fitting should be supervised by a qualified healthcare professional.
Before you put the brace on, loosen the fastening straps so that the brace can be put on easily. Release the belts’ fasteners and fix them loosely at the back of the belt, on the velour.
Fix the pads in the middle of and/or according to the doctor’s or specialist’s instructions on the grey velcro. If no other advice has been given, the pads should be fixed with the narrow end pointing downwards.
The label on the right inside section provides instructions on how to put the brace on.
First, slip your hand into the hand strap on the left interior fastening side. Loop the brace around your pelvis. Now, slip your hand into the outer hand strap on the right-hand side.
The brace should be fastened with the bottom edge of the fastener sitting just above the pubis. Pull the two fastening sides over each other and fasten them as centrally as possible.
Then release the fastening straps’ fasteners and pull these to the front simultaneously. You can adjust the tightness of the brace according to your needs and level of pain.
To check the position of the brace, lift your thigh up slightly. The bottom of the fastening strap should be level with your groin.
You can remove parts of the brace and just wear the outer, non-elastic component with the fastening strap system. For this, please loosen the velcro fastenings on both sides of the fastening interior side and remove the elastic knitted fabric.
You can also place the pads in the centre of the belt here or position them here according to your doctor’s or a specialist’s instructions, if required.
Then put the brace on as described above.
Our recommendation: Wear the brace directly over underwear, or a very thin layer of clothing, so that the massage pads can have an optimal effect.

Wearing directions

In principle, this brace can be worn for the whole day. The length of time that the brace is worn should, however, be based upon the individual’s own requirements and the way that their body feels. The brace should be removed for long sedentary periods (i.e. if you are sitting down for a long time, driving or sleeping).
If you experience excessive pain or your condition worsens whilst wearing the brace, stop wearing the product immediately and contact your doctor or the medical supply store.
The brace can also be worn in water. Please wash this product thoroughly with clear water and observe the instructions for care.

Standard colours

Material components


Band: Polyamide, polyester, elastane, viscose
Pads: Polyurethane


Washing instructions


The pads should be removed before washing. If necessary, the pads can be cleaned with a dampened cloth. Please fasten all velcro fastenings before washing. Fats, oils, lotions and balms can damage the material and impair the Clima Comfort effect. Soap residue can lead to inflammation of the skin and deterioration of the material.
Wash the product by hand, preferably with mediclean soap, or in a delicate wash cycle at 30°C with mild detergent and without fabric conditioner.

  • Allow to air-dry.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry-clean.
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