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MediCanada - Lumbamed® facet

MediCanada - Lumbamed® facet


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Lumbar support for facet joint osteoarthritis

The Lumbamed facet is a lumbar support orthotic device for the treatment of lumbar column problems. The product is exclusive to be used for the orthotic fitting of the lumbar area and only on intact skin.

Product benefits

  • Targeted relief of the facet joints through effective reduction of lordosis

  • Precise regulation of intra-abdominal pressure by means of the double 3-point strap system

  • Holds the pelvis in an upright position

  • Stabilises the lumbar spine area and the lumbosacral transition

How does it work?/Mode of action


The Lumbamed facet operates using a combination of compressing a knitted fabric, stabilizing back rods, and a pull strap system that increases pressure. Abdominal compression and trunk musculature support relieve the strain on the lumbar column and thereby ease the pain. The four crossover pull straps create a double three-point system with the dorsal points of application on the pelvis and in the upper lumbar spine area. Through individual pressure management, this three-point strap system increases the effect of reducing lordosis formation.
Basically, the orthotic can be worn all day long. The special cut in the groin area (Comfort Zone) ensures that the fit of the support is comfortable and just right. However, the length of time you wear it should depend on your needs.


Donning/fitting instructions

Before putting on the orthotic, please loosen the straps, so that it can be put on without pulling. To do so, unfasten the velcro ends of the straps and loosen these by placing them further back on the velour on the belt.
The label on the right-hand inner fastener has information on what way to put on the orthotic (with the magenta edge pointing upwards).
Now, slide your left hand into the inner hand strap on the left-hand fastener side.
Wrap the support around your body and check once again on the label that you have the orthotic the right way around (magenta edge pointing upwards).
Now, slide your right hand into the outer hand strap on the right-hand fastener side.
Pull both fastener sides together in the middle, so that they can be velcroed over each other as far as the same distance. When fastening, ensure that the back brace is in the middle. The orthotic is on properly when the lower fastener edge is just above the pubic bone.
Now unfasten the velcro ends of both lower pull straps and pull these forward at the same time. You can adjust the tightness to suit your own requirements and manage your pain levels.
Do the same for the upper pull straps.
Information for technicians:
The strap length may be adjusted by cutting it at the edge of the Y fastener.

Standard colours

Material components


Polyamide, Polyester, Elastane


Washing instructions


Velcro fasteners should be closed for washing. We recommend using a laundry bag. Fabric softeners, fats, oils, lotions, ointments, and soap residues can affect the material, hinder the Clima Comfort effect and cause skin irritations.
You can wash the product by hand, preferably using a medi clean detergent, or in a delicate cycle at 30°C using a mild detergent without fabric conditioners.

  • Do not bleach.
  • Leave to dry naturally.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.
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