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CAL+CARE  Lift Chairs

These are our own brand of Lift Chairs, designed and manufactured for us with you in mind. Our lift chairs are designed by us because over the years we've come to understand our customers' needs. They are available with cup holders, heat and massage options, single and dual motors, USB charging ports, and most importantly a design that will provide you with a sense of confidence and style.

Features & Details

The Premier Triple Motor Lift Chair has an independent footrest and backrest along with a heavy duty TRIPLE motor design. With 2 cushions and an extra large size it also has a leg-rest that is 85mm higher than the body.

We’ve utilized our experience and expertise to design the ultimate lift chair packed with features. Exceptional comfort has been blended with advanced technologies to create a chair built to last. Each chair is built with exclusive mechanisms and components that are extra strong and durable.  CAL+CARE lift chairs provide greater lifting capacity than any other lift chair on the market.

CAL+CARE chairs enable more independence in the home for people with increased body weight and limited movement. This is because patients are able to sit and stand at the push of a button. Each chair is operated by a hand held remote control to perform 21 different lift and recline positions. The independence gained by the patients provides many benefits for carers and nursing staff.

CAL+CARE Lift Chairs are uniquely constructed using high grade steel that is precision cut for accuracy and spot welded to key stress and weight-bearing areas. The steel frame, seat, springs and mechanism are all fitted with steel bolts and nuts, should they need to be replaced. Importantly, the steel plated weaved seating base is bolted in for maximum support to avoid any sagging or deterioration of the seating area.

It’s the bolted steel frame that gives CAL+CARE Products their renowned durability and longevity for the larger load.

  • Provides a strong foundation for each chair
  • Using steel instead of timber or chipboard guarantees the chair lasts longer without sagging or losing its shape
  • The use of bolts improves durability and enables easier repairs
  • Longer life span allows for a longer industry warranty
  • Flexibility for versatility and improved individual comfort

The control system is integrated into a simple single hand held controller to adjust your legs to create an angled seat, recline with elevation and return to standing. This can take the pressure off lower limbs and result in a more comfortable recliner, particularly for prolonged periods of sitting or resting.

All chairs are fitted with 1 or 2 rechargeable back up battery systems for assurance during a power failure.

CAL+MEDI Lift Chair is upholstered in high quality, soft to touch and interchangeable fabric covers. We do not use any staples, so the covers are completely removable and replaceable for a change in look or remove them for easy cleaning. Every chair features two side pockets for convenience.

  • Easily replaced or cleaned
  • Materials have been hand picked to meet strict comfort requirements
  • Personalize your seating requirements to suit your decor
  • Reliable and durable for longevity
  • Fine-tune seating for optimum comfort and easy adjustment
  • Results in improved posture and comfort
  • Recline, sit up or stand at the simple touch of a simple button
  • No manual adjustments necessary
  • Reliable and strong performance for reassurance
  • Alleviate the reliance and risk of injury for the caregiver or nursing staff

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