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Alliance® - Irrigation Tray with 60cc Bulb Syringe, Sterile

Alliance® - Irrigation Tray with 60cc Bulb Syringe, Sterile


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  • 800CC Outer Tray (1 Each)
  • 500CC Graduated Bottle (1 Each)
  • 60CC Bulb Irrigation Syringe, Blue (1 Each)
  • Tip Protector (1 Each)
  • Alcohol Prep Pad (1 Each) NPN 80029421
  • Large Moisture-proof Underpad, White 18" x 13" (1 Each)


Suggested Procedure:

  1. Peel back protective cover of the outer tray
  2. Removed graduated container and syringe from the outer tray and stand upright
  3. Use tip protector to maintain sterility of connector on the drainage tube
  4. Prepare Solution and place in a graduated container
  5. The Alcohol prep pad may be used to cleanse the catheter-drainage tube connection
  6. Proceed with irrigation, observing aseptic technique
  7. Collect irrigation drainage in outer tray

Sterile unless the package has been opened or damaged
For single patient use only 
Avoid freezing and excessive heat

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