Happiness as you age

How You Find Happiness As You Age

There’s a lot that comes with age. You get wiser, but you may find it harder to remember things or harder to learn new things. Your physical health may not be what it used to, but your mental health improves. That’s right: psychiatrists have observed a fascinating phenomenon. As it turns out, happiness comes with age.

As people get older, they tend to become happier in their day-to-day lives. It’s called the Aging Paradox and it’s something to look forward to in your advanced age. Researchers into the Aging Paradox have found that on a broad scale, there is a linear relationship between age and happiness. Statistically, people consistently get happier as they age, experiencing lower rates of depression, stress, and anxiety. There are no sudden interruptions in mid-life (no famous “mid-life crisis,” at least not at a statistically significant level), nor does the trend stop at the very end of life. Every day you get older and just a little bit happier.

What do researchers believe is the cause of the correlation between age and happiness? For now, there are only theories, but one proposal is that seniors may be happier on average because they’re wiser. Life experience gives you more perspective, and you see what’s really important. Seniors are more likely to invest in meaningful relationships and improving their emotional lives.

Finding meaning in your older years is another big driver of increasing happiness. Once you retire and age, your years of saving and planning and stressing out about money give way to a chance to relax and focus on the things that are really important to you. For some, that might be their relationships, new and old. Others focus on passion projects, hobbies that they have always loved, learning new skills, and refining old talents. If you’re not sure what these are, your retirement years can be a time for exploring new options and discovering what makes you happy – something you may have been too busy working, raising a family, and saving to do before.

With age comes a renewed focus on those things that are emotionally important, not just materially important. Gaining perspective on life and finding out what’s important and meaningful to you are the secrets to aging happily.

Of course, the secret to happiness is more than just aging. Depression in older adults remains a real health concern, brought on by causes such as illness, isolation, and bereavement. There are ways you can maximize your happiness as an older adult and make sure you get to enjoy your older years.

  • Keep active and energetic with exercise
  • Socialize with friends and neighbours
  • Play games that help with your mental fitness

We know that an active and social lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle at All Seniors Care Living Centres. Seniors at our retirement residences across the country enjoy daily exercise programs, tons of fun social activities, and mentally-stimulating games.

You can dance your way to good health or become a champion Bocce Ball player. Our retirement residences are always finding ways to get residents active and social. One of the highlights of the year is always the All Seniors Care Seniors Games. This past year we just celebrated the 10th Annual ASC Seniors Games to great success. Residents compete at Bocce Ball, Wii Bowling and Archery, Wii Golf, shuffleboard, card and board games, and more.

In addition to physical activities, residents are always trying new things such as learning new technologies. Internet technology can make it easier to stay in touch with family and learn new skills. You may be interested in these internet FAQs for seniors trying new technology before you get online.

If these sound like the kinds of things you want in a retirement residence, learn about our senior residences in Ottawa, Gatineau, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Brandon, Stratford, London, and more. Visit a retirement residence near you to find out more.


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