Elderly Woman with Walking ski pole in snow

Winter Well-Being: Helpful tips and Products!

Winter can be a wonderful time of festivity and celebration with family and friends, however there are some extra precautions that need to considered to prevent unwanted slips or accidents.

Walking Outside:

Winter road and sidewalk conditions can be icy and slippery, making it harder to maintain your grip and balance. Consider adding extra traction to your boots or shoes with removeable ice grips, or adding cane ice tips to canes and crutches for a much needed traction boost!


Dressing to leave the home:

As we get older it is natural to feel colder as a result of the body producing less heat. That is why it is especially important to dress in layers and cover exposed skin.

It is also a good idea to consider heating pads (Theratherm) or using electric blankets to help warm up faster after cold temperatures.


When to shop:

Because of unpredictable weather and road conditions it's a good idea to stock up on essentials to avoid running out at the last minute. Try to keep a checklist handy and check it weekly to ensure you give yourself ample time to arrange a pickup.

Remember if you're in need of medical supplies and can't make it out Calmedi can always arrange a delivery for you!

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