Braces, and we're not talking about the ones for your teeth!

Braces, and we're not talking about the ones for your teeth!

These are engineered fabrics used for many things, such as the inflammation of tendons. Instead of straightening your teeth, these braces are for your appendages.

Oppose of the wire cage for your pearly whites held and pulled through the assistance of specialized elastics, they use superior threads weaved together to massage the pain away from the pounding pained areas of our flesh and muscle. Wrists, knees, elbows, ankle the whole shebang! The waves of pain and despair disintegrate like the snap of Thanos, fading like dust.

Braces are meant to increase stability, support and provide pain relief for these joints.
Instead of doing the wave, you'll be dancing the robot in no time. Structured, strong and reliable.
As your body moves through life improving, growing and maturing, the foundation of your structure may need outside assistance, to allow you to move through the daily grind and kick life in it's pretentious arse and keep moving forwards.

Why? Why would you need such a thing?
If you pull a muscle/tendon being the complete boss that you are and it starts to puff like a marshmallow over a warm fire, you could save yourself a potential hospital trip in the near or far future!
Or if the arthritis begins to kick in, and your tendons just don't move like they use to, it provides quick pain relief to the area.

What are your options?
Here at Cal-Medi we have several options for you depending on where the pain is dragging you down. You have the option of Baurfeind, Push, OTC, M Brace, MedSpec or DonJoy.
On the more expensive end, we have Baurfeind which is a German brand that has pads inside the brace that will relieve the pain and reduce the stress placed on the tendon. It's an active brand with a cool colour palette.

Push is another active brand that focuses on sports injuries, that's resulted from tennis, golf or hockey.  

OTC is used more of stabilization, and less of a flirty brand, it serves it's mission with honour and vigor. It's lightweight and breathable and it'll hold you like a mother holding a baby.

MedSpec is lightweight, it's easy to go about your day without it being overbearing, or getting in your way. While coming in with a nice medium price point for a higher value product.

And last but not least, M Brace, it's neoprene and latex free, so don't worry about your allergies. It's perfect for the rehab phase for post-trauma, and/or post-operation support!


Whatever you choose

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