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MediCanada - mJ-1 Metropole Knee High

MediCanada - mJ-1 Metropole Knee High


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mJ-1 metropole®

Compression stockings in numerous colours
  • Wide range of colors for fashion-conscious women
  • Shape-effect for an attractive silhoutette
  • Transparent look

For beautiful lively legs

The perfect combination of aesthetics and function.
Wearing a mJ-1 metropole will give you particular pleasure: modern compression technology combined with fashion trends. Compression makes a brilliant difference to conventional stockings. Gentle pressure that decreases in a defined gradient from the ankle up towards the knee ensures a revitalising feeling in your legs. So you can be certain you are doing something good for your health, particularly if you stand or sit a lot.

Product features

  • For her
  • So many colours that can be combined in so many ways to match every outfit.
  • Available as below-knee and thigh-length stockings and pantyhose
  • Sheer, elegant look
  • The mJ-1 metropole knee stocking with flat seams and a wide cuff is particularly comfortable to wear
  • The mJ-1 metropole thigh-length stocking with its platinum topband ensures a firm hold
  • The mJ-1 metropole pantyhose model with its integrated push-up panty top has a shaping effect and ensures an attractive silhouette
  • Not prescribable by a physician

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