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Medical Sheepskin Rug - High Temperature

Medical Sheepskin Rug - High Temperature


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High-Temperature medical sheepskins are specially tanned and treated to withstand washing at 80⁰ Celsius (175⁰F).

High-Temperature Medical Sheepskins offer all of the same user benefits as our regular machine washable medical skins. The difference between the two products is that these medical sheepskins are specially tanned and treated to withstand high-temp washing at 80⁰ Celsius for 8 minutes. These washing conditions adhere to North America and EU health authority requirement levels for Disinfection. Thereby these medical sheepskins can be washed and used repeatedly in hospitals and nursing care facilities.

Medical sheepskin rugs increase patient comfort in two ways: First, the dense shearling wool naturally distributes pressure. This immediately increases blood flow and decreases discomfort at common and sensitive pressure points. This is especially beneficial for patients who are confined to one position for long periods of time. Second, the wool pile provides a continuously dry environment due to the natural breathability of the wool fibres. Lambswool wicks away moisture and promotes air flow to maintain a dry and insulating comfort. This greatly reduces the development or expansion of bed sores, as bacteria can't thrive in a dry environment. This breathability occurs because merino wool is a soft and hollow spring coil fibre.

The wool pile in all of our medical sheepskin pads has been trimmed to 1.25" to reduce matting from over use. Our sheepskin pads are Australian origin hides and ultra durable. They have extra dense wool and are machine washable (simple washing instructions included).
Medical sheepskin pelts are specially selected for their larger size and high wool density. They are most commonly uses in beds and wheelchairs, but are very versatile and can also be used on recliners, chairs, and couches.Some colour loss may occur with washing, commonly on the initial wash.

General Care: Regular brushing will maintain the soft, fluffy appearance of the sheepskin and help to reduce matting. Avoid direct sunlight and high heat sources, such as blow dryers and radiators. Sheepskin rugs are machine washable and dry cleanable, although spot cleaning is recommended. For more general information and details please refer to our Sheepskin Care guidelines. 


 Genuine Australian Sheepskin
• Medical grade shearling
 Woolmark™ pure new wool pile
 OEKO-TEX® certified processing
 Breathable merino wool fibres
 Naturally non-flammable & hypo-allergenic
• Machine washable up to 80⁰C/175⁰F

• Pile height ~ 30mm (1.25")
 Pelt size ~ 100 x 60cm

Style / Type

Natural hide
General Dimensions 100 x 60cm (40 x 24") approx.
Pile Height 30mm (1.25") approx.
Product Weight 2.5 lbs
Colour Green
Materials Genuine sheepskin
Backing Materials Shearling leather
Box Dimensions 13" x 13" x 5"
Product Code 3095HT
Origin Australian sheepskin; crafted in China
Warranty 6 months
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