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Finger Clip Pulse Oximeter

Finger Clip Pulse Oximeter


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  1. The product is simple and convenient to use.
  2. Low power consumption, two AAA batteries can be used for 10 hours.
  3. When there is no signal, the product will automatically shut down after 8 seconds.
  4. Scope of application: ward monitoring, home health, patient testing, outpatient medical care.
  5. The low voltage warning indicator will be displayed in the visible window when the battery voltage is too low, which may affect normal use.


  • Color: blue
  • Material:  ABS
  • Size: 9.3*5.7*5.2cm
  • Blood oxygen value display range: 70 ~ 100%
  • Pulse rate value display range: 30 ~ 240BPM
  • Resolution: blood oxygen saturation is 1%, pulse rate is 1BPM
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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer SHARMAN

I was a part of the effort for Dr. Cooper (Foothills) to keep pregnant women safe in Calgary.
I have heard from Amanda that your company was extremely helpful and the service was excellent! Thank you so much!