Bauerfeind SecuTec® OA

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Product Summary:

Knee orthosis for relieving osteoarthritis

Bauerfeind SecuTec® OA

SecuTec OA was specially developed for patients with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee. It provides relief for your knee after a cruciate ligament tear, cartilage surgery or meniscus surgery, for example. Thus the orthosis not only effectively alleviates pain, but also gives your knee the necessary security for movements that promote recovery.

  • Stay moving longer with less pain
  • Helps with medial or lateral osteoarthritis
  • Assists the preservation of the knee joint and can delay the need for surgery


  • Medial or lateral kneeosteoarthritis
  • Postoperativestabilization and relief

Specific Features

  • 01 Quick-release fasteners
    easier to put on and take off
  • 02 Aluminum frame
    lightweight and sturdy 
  • 03 Adaptive calf shell
    adapts to the individual body shape
  • 04 Adjustable lower leg frame
    for pain relief
  • 05 Gel pads
    for pressure reduction and enhanced comfort


At an advanced stage, osteoarthritis of the knee can make every step a challenge. A supporting orthosis can be helpful here. SecuTec OA relieves your knee by gently adjusting the position of the lower leg. It thus removes pressure from the inside or outside of the knee joint in a particularly gentle way.

This counteracts further rubbing of cartilage and relieves the ligaments. After cruciate ligament tears, cartilage surgery or meniscus surgery, SecuTec OA also relieves the joint effectively and reduces your pain.


The orthotist individually adjusts the relieving force to your needs and condition. A flexible calf shell that adapts to the shape of your lower leg ensures an exact fit. Thanks to adjustable straps with quick-fit fasteners, it easy to put on and take off.

As a result, SecuTec OA is not only convenient for everyday life, but also assists with wound management, physiotherapy and other treatments. Lightweight, slim and comfortable, it can also be worn under pants. It relieves your knee without restricting its range of motion more than necessary. After all, even for osteoarthritis of the knee, being active is key to good health!

All knee supports are engineered to perform one or more functions, including:

  • Providing circular compression to aid circulation, promote healing and limit swelling
  • Helping to restrict medial/lateral motion
  • Anchoring the knee cap to help promote healing
  • Helping to relieve pain,
  • Limiting stress and stain over tendons, ligaments and nerves around the joint

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