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3M™ Tegaderm™ + Pad - Dressing Film with Non-Adherent Pad - 9 X 15CM

3M™ Tegaderm™ + Pad - Dressing Film with Non-Adherent Pad - 9 X 15CM

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 TEGADERM +PAD 3 1/2" x 6" or 9cm x 15cm


  • A waterproof and absorbent, allowing patients to bathe or shower without removing dressing
  • All-in-one sterile dressing, reduces application time
  • Bacterial and viral barrier helps prevent external bacteria and contaminants from entering the site
  • Breathable film allows skin to function normally with good exchange of moisture vapour and oxygen
  • Conformable dressing is easy to apply, and stretches with the skin to promote longer wear time
  • Non-adherent absorbent pad rapidly wicks exudate
  • Non-adherent pad won`t stick to the wound, allowing normal wound healing processes to occur with less pain and trauma

The 3M™ Tegaderm™ + Pad Film Dressing with Non-Adherent Pad combines a transparent film with an absorbent pad, providing a moist wound environment to help enhance healing and lessen pain. This dressing has a “frame delivery” system to ensure quick and easy application. Tegaderm film is a breathable film that allows skin to function normally with good exchange of moisture vapour and oxygen while providing a waterproof, bacterial and viral barrier. The 3M™ Tegaderm™ Dressing is a sterile, waterproof, viral and bacterial barrier which consists of a non-adherent absorbent pad bonded to a larger thin film transparent dressing (In vitro testing shows that the transparent film provides a viral barrier from virus 27 nm in diameter or larger while the dressing remains intact without leakage).

Suggested Applications

  • Post-surgical dressings - especially on areas where swelling or movement is expected
  • Superficial and partial-thickness wounds
  • Lacerations, abrasions and burns
  • I.V. catheter sites
  • Light to moderately draining wounds
  • Fragile skin
  • As a secondary dressing over hydrogels, alginates, gauze, or other primary dressings
  • Chronic wounds
  • I.V. catheter sites (peripheral and central lines)Secondary dressing applications:
Cladimed Code
Clinical Area
Cardiovascular, Dialysis Centre, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Emergency Room, General Patient Care, Home Care, I.V. Therapy, ICU, Intensive Care, NICU, Oncology, Radiology, Surgery
Clinical Sub-Area
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Colour Family
I.V. Related, Pressure Ulcer, Wound Care
Dressing Type
Island Dressing
Govt Markets Market Segment
Health Care, Homeland Security
Govt Markets Product Category
Emergency Services, Nurse, Physician
Overall Length (Imperial)
6 in
Overall Length (Metric)
15.24 cm
Overall Width (Imperial)
3 in
Overall Width (Metric)
7.65 cm
Package Quantity
Product Category
Skin & Wound Care, Surgical Solutions
Product Type
Island Dressing
Size (Imperial)
3 in x 6 in
Size (Metric)
7.65 cm x 15.24 cm
Therapeutic Area and Conditions
Abrasions, Burns, Incisions, Laceration, Surgical Wounds
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